Wallace Falzon

A selection of Painting and Sculptures

Curator: Roderick Camilleri

La Borsa, Exchange Building, Republic Street

Painting bright images and modeling lean stylised sculptures are two of Wallace Falzon's quiet and meaningful pursuits. Such pursuits present a creative body of work with a special contrasting metier, highlighting paintings with flat surfaces of dynamic colours and three-dimensional monochrome hominid forms, flaunting tactile textures.

Pursuits, offers a suggestive gist, bestowing to its audience indicative underlying connotations about Falzon's work. It presents subtexts which speak about personal narratives which are mostly defined by the quest for meaning on life situations. Some of these works are like visual tropes for mysterious, puzzling; and at times, superfluous nature of human existence, whereas others embrace hope.

Although the audience can identify with the artistic content of the exhibition, and share existential concerns which echo those of the artist, these works also shed light on our existential uniqueness. They seem to tease out the notion that, even in the most absurd and disheartening of situations, life can be meaningful and worth living.


Wallace Falzon (b. 1967)  is an artist whose works comprise mixed media painting and sculpture. He started painting at a very early age. However, art featured prominently about 7 years ago, whilst he was experiencing turbulent moments. This led him to explore creative processes to enhance his personal expression. He believes that art is an internal language that speaks volumes for those who are ready to listen, even though the message is always particular to the individual viewer.


Roderick Camilleri (b. 1987) is a practicing artist and curator. His interdisciplinary visual art practice explores themes related to ontology and metaphysics. Camilleri is a full time art educator, teaching studio practice and theory at the Malta School of Art. He is an active participant in the local art scene, curating as well as exhibiting in various art project. He participated in various professional development programmes and furthered his studies at international institutions such as Slade University and the Roya Academy of Arts in London, amongst others. Camilleri is also the vice-president of the Malta Society of Arts.

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